Product Overview

Zender is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform that comes with a robust editorial interface, a customisable user interface and a strong set of technical integrations.


Editorial Interface

  • Take role-based action

Appoint team members as director, editor and moderator to take care of function-specific actions, or have 1 person easily manage the 3 roles.

  • Manage workflow

Replace the nerve-wracking chaos as you go live with a perfectly orchestrated choreography that pushes the right content to be activated at the right time.

  • Moderate interaction

Ensure that your audience is in a safe and trusted space by moderating user generated content before it goes live. Block certain words, phrases or users.


Decide what content is pushed to the studio and visualise the data in your live show with professional graphical templates.

User Interface

  • Customise the look and feel

Offer your viewers live content that perfectly matches your brand style.

  • Create new revenue models

Use full screen ads, overlays and donation options to generate new revenue channels.


Technical Integrations


Enjoy authentication mechanisms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, device login, Oauth, Gigya... as well as custom authentication. 
Use Zender with your preferred analytics platform: Google analytics, comScore and video tracking are supported out of the box, but you can add others.
Choose your video player: JW Player, Wowza, Video.js  and YouTube are integrated, or add yours via Zender's SDK.

  • API

On the player side Zender offers a customisable web and native player. Use our web & native headless client to build your own experiences on top of it through the standard admin.
Use out of the box visualizations, or build your own video overlays.
The entire API is REST-based, and postman documentation is provided for easy testing and integration.

  • Built to scale

Don't worry about peak usage. Based on Amazon Webservices, Zender easily scales to your needs.
The platform is protected against DDOS attacks and provides API throttling, and bot detection/IP Filtering is in place to prevent abuse.