Node.js Backend Engineer


We're a people-focused Media Tech company: the women and men on our small team value working together to solve the challenges of building technology that is used by media companies and broadcasters at massive scale, thereby supporting an open culture of continuous feedback and learning.

Every day at Zender we’re helping our customers reach their audiences with live presented game shows on mobile. We're looking for a Node.js Backend Engineer to help us as we build the future of interactive live video.

Do you want to play a decisive role in an innovative young company with a solid list of first customers (Medialaan/De Persgroep, Studio 100, VRT, NPO Zapp, EO, LRT)?

Are you comfortable with - or interested in - ReactJS, Redux, Docker, AWS services (Lambda, ECS, SNS, SQS, ..) and Node.js? Do you consider yourself a pragmatic engineer?

Then apply via today. We can't wait to get to know you!

About the job

We are looking for a talented full-time engineer to help us as we build live streamed content experiences delivered via mobile.

You’ll work in a small engineering team (1 CTO, 3 developers), which means you'll have the opportunity to get to know every one of your colleagues, learn from them and share with them, and experience new things every single day.

We need engineers who are passionate about creating value for customers, who want to try new ways to solve new problems, and who are able to get up and running from day one.


a strong sense of product and usability

3+ years experience with JavaScript.

familiarity with modern web practices (Promises), Node.JS, and have used at least one of Backbone, React, or Angular.

high level of comfort using Git and working knowledge of AWS

good knowledge of design and comfortable converting specs to crisp, modern HTML/CSS UI backed by a modern Javascript framework and integrating with backend engineers/APIs

show grit and resilience faced with large-ish Trello boards or the occasional stupid UI bug

proficient at creating, consuming, and documenting RESTful services and architecture

experience architecting and administering NoSQL data storage & indexes.

experience with Continuous Integration and/or Continuous Delivery

advanced-level troubleshooting of processes or services

automated testing (Unit, Functional, Integration) & understanding where & when to use it

experience working within high-availability, high-volume web service environments

production experience with microservices and/or containers

experience with iOS, MacOS, or Android development

big plus if you’re interested in the future of live interactive media, games or esports broadcasted via mobile devices

Why Zender?

Work on a media and entertainment product used at massive scale

Small team, big impact

High autonomy that comes with being with the first people on the team

Tech driven company, building robust applications

About Zender

Founded in 2016, Zender is focused on tackling one of the hardest challenges facing media companies today: relevance on mobile. We help marketing & innovation teams at television, newspaper and radio companies create innovative, new touchpoints for their -35 audiences.

Short, scheduled interactive experiences create a meaningful engagement with a brand on a specific moment of the day. Through these live presented moments, brands manage to reach the mobile generation where they spend time: on their smartphone.  

Founders Hendrik Dacquin & Patrick Debois have over 25 years of combined experience in interactive video and the underlying technological architecture, and are combining content creativity and tech stability to help companies stay relevant in an ever evolving media landscape.

Zender is based in Ghent, Belgium - a place known for its ecosystem of thriving startups, rebellious can-do mentality and a love for music and good food

Ready to change the face of live broadcasting on mobile? Send us an email to apply: