15 Ways to Grow & Keep your Audience for Live Trivia Quizzes and Interactive Shows

Live video is omnipresent. If any validation of that statement is needed: heck, even LinkedIn started pushing live video! What’s more: people don’t just want to watch, they expect to be able to interact with the content. With comments and reactions, but increasingly also through live quizzes, polls, prediction games…

If you want to integrate live interactive video as original content in your own app, website or OTT platform, you need a player and a component to manage the interaction. Audience Engagement Platform Zender provides all you need to produce, stream and integrate live interactive video.

In the eight months that have passed since launching the platform, we’ve collected a bunch of valuable learnings that I’d like to share with you here.

Mechanics to grow your audience


1) Let people play in teams

Word of mouth is a strong growth mechanism.

When players have the opportunity to build a team, more people will get invited to your app.


2) Make it easy for players to invite friends

The easier it is to get new people on board, the better.

Team codes let contestants easily add new team members.


3) incentivise bringing in new players

There are many ways to reward players for helping grow the game.

Giving away extra lives is always a winner.


4) Use social media

Harness the power of social media for your interactive live show.

Create a hashtag, get the show's hosts involved… Before you know it, you’ll have a community of fans.


5) Themed live shows


Holidays, Harry Potter, Disney… possibilities galore to do something different with your live show, and draw in a new audience.


All of the above ‘growing’ tips also help to keep the existing audience for your . Below I’ve added a few ‘keeping’ tips that help even more with retention - and vice versa also help to bring in new audiences :-)

Mechanics to retain your audience


6) Focus on fun and entertainment

Define your target audience and appeal to their hearts and minds.

Hire a presenter who already has a following with the people you want to reach, create a buzz around the show, be quirky for a younger audiences or choose a more distinguished approach for a business setting.


7) make it easy to share wins and best efforts

Mechanisms that let players easily share their achievements on social media help too. There’s nothing like a challenge to get the competitive juices flowing.


8) add a welcoming message for returning players

Who doesn’t like a friendly welcome? Or a gentle nudge to best themselves?


9) cheer your players on in the game

“Get people to compete with themselves, and you’ll have them coming back for more”, a wise man once said :)


10) experiment with streaks

Nice games give you the excitement of winning or losing.

Great games give you the feeling that you’re continuously building something, working towards a bigger goal.


11) claim a time slot

Habit building. Entire books have been written on the subject.

Sticking to a set moment of the day is a really good start to create a new touchpoint in your audience’s routine.


12) send enticing push notifications to get people in your show

Push notifications are the magic potion to your show’s popularity.

Experiment with different types of messages, frequencies and number of notifications.


13) Show audience participation in Your Stream


Taking a lesson from Twitch’s book here: interactivity that impacts the show has more value and than just letting people chat. Consider polls as a low-barrier entry point to impactful interaction.


14) get some friendly competition going on through leaderboards


That feeling when you’re top of the darts leaderboard in the pub. But then digital.


15) Cross link to other content

Using Zender’s SDK, you can integrate a live talkshow, poll, quiz… in your existing app or website.

Including a call to action to continue watching other content after the live show, makes the best use of this integration.

Anabel De Vetter