Sports Marketing: Live Trivia Gameshow on Mobile is 'The Game Before the Game' You've Been Waiting For


The fan journey consists of many touchpoints.

“Why not create an extra touchpoint on mobile with a live video trivia quiz the evening before the race?”

This is what Tomas Van Den Spiegel, ceo of cycle race organiser Flanders Classics decided to launch as part of the Flanders Classics campaign this year.

Why introduce a live interactive video moment as an extra touchpoint in the fan engagement journey?

What draws people to sports? Live action, excitement, experiencing exhilarating moments in the company of others.

A live presented video quiz like Flanders Classics taps into those feelings. It fires up the excitement for the event hours or even days before the game, race or match.

Use case Zender: Flanders Classics Live Video Quiz

Flanders Classics Live Video Quiz powered by Zender

With telecom operator Proximus and bike manufacturer Ridley as sponsors, Flanders Classics live video quiz reached thousands of cycle race fans. In an original, innovative way. Using Zender as an Audience Engagement Platform, a live presented quiz show was integrated in the Flanders Classics app.

The original content was broadcast in the app to thousands of mobile phones during an unclaimed moment in the fan journey.

At 8 o’clock sharp the evening before a race, cycle fans received a push notification to take part in a live quiz and win a VIP arrangement or a Ridley bike.

Zender provided the technology that powers the quiz:

  • interactive live player

  • editorial console for adding the questions, moderating chat, launching polls

  • low latency live streaming

  • fully integrated in the existing Flanders Classics app via SDK

The goal of the quiz, to reach cycle fans between 18 and 40 years of age, was reached. The sponsors gained desired brand exposure and extra email signups. An additional call to action bringing players to Ridley’s website after the game worked so well it initially even brought down the website.

Want to see how a quiz works in your sports marketing campaign? Contact Hendrik Dacquin +32 489 86 97 37 or request a Zender demo today. No strings attached.

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