Hurraa! 🎉Esports Innovation Contest in Finland, here we come.

You guessed it, ‘hurraa’ is Finnish for hurray 🎉🇫🇮😍.

Either language expresses our joy in hearing that we’re one of the 7 contestants who made it into the Innovation in Esports Challenge Week taking place in Helsinki, Finland on 20-24 May.

We’re proud and excited that we’ll have the chance to co-create the future of esports with the experts of Finnish government-owned betting agency Veikkaus.

What’s at stake?

Contestants are not expected to create a complete game. But the team that comes up with the best service or solution related to esports by the end of the week, wins a EUR 30.000 deal. Nice and juicy.

The goal is “to produce a solution that brings help and joy to esports players, teams, consumers, and spectators”. Bringing joy is in our DNA, we’re up for the challenge.

Veikkaus and esports

We’re looking forward to this deep-dive in esports entertainment. Expect us to come back with a truckload of learnings - and fingers crossed for the prize, off course 😜

  • Esports betting has been part of Veikkaus' portfolio since 2014.

  • Veikkaus was among the first 5 companies worldwide to offer legal esports betting.

  • Veikkaus' esports betting selection consists of fourteen games, the most popular of which is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

  • In 2018, Veikkaus offered over 13,000 esports matches as betting options.

Win or lose, we’ll keep you updated on how the week went.

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Anabel De Vetter