"Digital innovation in fan entertainment reaches younger audiences"

Tomas Van Den Spiegel (photo by Fred Debrock in De Standaard, 31/03/2019)

Tomas Van Den Spiegel (photo by Fred Debrock in De Standaard, 31/03/2019)

Technology is vital in innovating how sporting events are brought to their audience. That’s what former top basketball player Tomas Van Den Spiegel says. He owns sports marketing agency Sporthouse Group and is ceo of cycle race organisation Flanders Classics. In an interview with Belgian newspaper De Standaard, he talks about the changes in his industry.

Why digital innovation in sports?

Van Den Spiegel: “Today’s media landscape is changing fast, and television especially is under great pressure. Digital innovation is necessary, as a revolution is taking place under our noses. With companies like Facebook and Amazon taking an active interest in sports, today’s organisers and sponsors need to prepare for the future.”

The fragmented attention of sports fans

“The attention of today’s fan is fragmented. As younger audiences want to experience sports without necessarily spending hours in front of the television, technological innovation is key in reaching and entertaining them.

This is about livestreaming games and races, producing content for social media, about developing apps like the cycle quiz we recently launched, you name it.”

(By the way, the Flanders Classics live video quiz mentioned runs on Zender technology 😍)

Van Den Spiegel concludes: “Linear television remains important for live sports, but the challenge lies in embracing the new opportunities. In 10 years’ time, we could be looking at a whole different media landscape.”

Read the full article in Dutch: “We moeten een jonger publiek aanboren”

Anabel De Vetter