Video uploads: why this new Zender feature matters

video upload feature for live interactive formats

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be like an encyclopedia.

That’s why we’ve now made it possible for your audience to upload videos. Using the Zender Editorial Console, you can make a selection of videos and use them in you live interactive show.

Imagine you’re using Zender to run a live trivia quiz. Your audience is already engaged as a participant in the quiz, and more so through the chat functionality.

With the new video upload feature, you can maximise engagement with the show by letting people upload a video.

You could get people to ask their own question, run a competition for a video of the most people playing your quiz together… creative possibilities galore. All integrated in your existing workflow, without the need to download user generated content from a myriad of social platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Our first customer to use this feature is Dutch public broadcaster EO. Yearly, they organise a large Easter musical and parade, where the Holy Cross is carried through town and a musical adaptation of the biblical story of he passion of Christ is performed live.

Thousands of people walk along in the procession, and this year people can walk along virtually too by sending in a testimonial video explaining why they walk along.

How does it work?

  • A link on the homepage of The Passion takes people to the upload page:

  • People upload their testimonial using the upload button in the bottom right corner

  • The editorial team of The Passion receives the videos in their Zender Editorial Console, and selects the ones to be used during the show

  • On Thursday April 18th, these videos will be used in the live broadcast of the event

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Anabel De Vetter