Qwistet: The Live Trivia Quiz That Brings 27% More People To Qmusic’s App


Case Study Qwistet: Reaching Millennials with Live Interactive TV on Mobile

A good way to draw a crowd? Let people win instant cash.

That’s the appeal of Qwistet, Qmusic’s fast-paced, TV-style live game show on mobile that lets anyone play for free. The Q-app broadcasts the 20-minute show at 12:30 p.m. on weekdays.

As people increasingly use smartphones to listen to music, it made sense for a radio station to directly connect with people on mobile. The Qwistet live video quiz creates a new touchpoint with the Qmusic brand: the game is played on mobile phones, separate from the radio broadcast.

Fully integrated in Qmusic's app, Qwistet brings thousands of people together every weekday to compete for hard cash during their lunchbreak.




Registered app users




App sessions




Players between 18-34


Case Study Snapshot


  • Young people spend less time listening to the radio
  • How to bring technological innovation as a non-tech company?
  • Number of registered users for the Q-app needs to increase


  • Qmusic always achieved stellar results with campaigns, both on and off the radio waves.
  • Now that mobile has completely disrupted listening patterns, a specific campaign was in order. The decision was made to create a new touchpoint on mobile devices.


  • Increase registered app usage
  • Improve reach within the 18-34 age group to firmly establish Qmusic as a radio station for the youth.
Qwistet brings people together during lunch breaks. The quiz is fun, and the tech runs stable.
— Alain Claes, Head of Innovation at Qmusic

Experience and Trust

Alain Claes, Head of Innovation at Qmusic explains why they chose Zender: "We wanted to do a live show on mobile, offering a Facetime-like experience. The experience with broadcast-grade applications that the team behind Zender has, was a decisive factor to work with the platform.

Daily Live Quiz Show

Zender is built to make, manage and livestream live interactive shows. The proposed solution for Qmusic is using the platform for a daily live quiz show.

Zender provides the technology:

  • online admin centre to manage the practical side of the quiz,

  • low latency live streaming

  • underlying server architecture supporting massive engagement.

With Zender we went live quickly, without in house development. That’s good: we’re a radio station, not a tech company.
— Toon Cools, Digital Project Manager at Medialaan - de Persgroep

Popular Radio Host Vincent Fierens Bridges the Gap Between Mobile App and Radio

Every weekday, popular radio host Vincent Fierens hands out a prize ranging from 500 to 5000 euro among the people who get the 10 questions right. Vincent hosts an evening show on the radio too, and while there is the occasional cross reference between the game and the radioshow, both content forms exist on their own.



Immediately after launching the lunchtime quiz, Qmusic not only saw the number of app downloads and app sessions increase. The innovative format appeals to advertisers too. They are willing to pay higher than standard CPM rates, and sponsor specific games with a larger cash prize. 

Building Your Own Live Interactive TV Format?

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Anabel De Vetter