Qmusic, Flanders largest commercial radiostation launches live trivia quiz Qwistet with Zender.

We're proud to welcome Qmusic to the Zender customer family, as Q launches Qwistet: the very first live trivia quiz on mobile in Flanders. 

Announcing QMusic's Qwistet, the first live presented trivia quiz in Flanders [Dutch]

A live online video quiz on mobile that’s free to play via the Q-app. That is Qwistet: the first trivia quiz of it’s kind in Belgium, launched by Qmusic, the biggest commercial radio station in Flanders. 
The concept is simple: host and Qmusic dj Vincent Fierens has 500 euro to give away every day, and asks 10 multiple choice questions. The prize money is split among all the winners who correctly answered all 10 questions.

Everybody who wants to have a shot at winning, can log in to the Q-app on smartphone or tablet to play the quiz, every weekday at 12:30pm, from the end of October.

With Qwistet, we’re launching the first interactive game show in Belgium: a live video trivia quiz, online, where everybody can participate at the same time. Quiz shows are usually not live. Let alone that the whole population can be a contestant.
— An Caers, Director Radio
We know that people are often online during their lunch breaks and are looking for a little entertainment. It’s the ideal time to play Qwistet. Your lunch break will never be the same again.
— Vincent Fierens, Qwistet host

1 host, 10 multiple choice questions and 500 euro: this is how it works

Host Vincent asks 10 multiple choice questions about topics like current affairs, movies, television and sports, adding a lot of interaction with the contestants. All players can interact with each other and with Vincent in a group chat. The trivia quiz itself is an elimination game where the contestants get 10 seconds to answer a question. Players who get the answer right within that time, go through to the next question. Get a question wrong, and you’re out - but you can still watch the rest of the show.     

To build Qwistet, Q partnered with Audience Engagement platform Zender

We’re proud to announce that Qwistet is built on Zender, our software platform to build and publish live interactive formats. We’re really excited to work with Qmusic on this innovative project.
— Hendrik Dacquin, Zender ceo
Anabel De Vetter