We were stars at NAB and MIPTV - at least for a while

Last week Zender's co-founder Patrick Debois and yours truly travelled to different corners of the world to major conferences in television and broadcasting.

While I endured a streak of foul weather during the usually sunny Cannes spring, Patrick travelled to scorching hot Las Vegas for the annual NAB show. Not that either of us spent much time outdoors, as all the action took place in conference halls. 

Cannes. ' Come to the Côte d'Azur in spring! ' they said. ' Bring sunscreen, it'll be hot! ' they said...

Cannes. 'Come to the Côte d'Azur in spring!' they said. 'Bring sunscreen, it'll be hot!' they said...

Las Vegas - notice the dramatic cloudy sky on the left.

Las Vegas - notice the dramatic cloudy sky on the left.

True, Patrick might have had better weather, I feel I outdid him entirely with my red carpet-worthy appearance in a talkshow with a 3D character:

Zender was at MIPTV courtesy of Imagination in Motion and their animation skills. For audience engagement, the live animated cartoons offer great opportunities. Just imagine a live trivia quiz live presented by the mascotte of a sports team... (as you might have guessed, you can do this with your favourite Audience Engagement Platform, Zender 😘)

While I was being wowed by a cartoon, Patrick was, admittedly, perhaps talking more serious business at the Wowza Live Streaming Software stand:

Patrick Debois talking ultra low latency with Aubrey Russell of Live X

On top of our 15 minute of fame, both events turned out to be super interesting for Zender.

At NAB, we met with all the streaming companies to find the best solution to deliver our customers the lowest possible latency. This is especially important for live quizzes and sports: you don't want to be eliminated from the game because you were too late to answer, when you didn't even have time read the question. Or you don't want to hear that your team scores a goal because the neighbours all cheer, while on your device the assist has just been given. 

In Cannes, we had a busy booth throughout the week. Many content creators and producers stopped by to see the combination of a live animated cartoon and interactive streaming in action. If you ask me, it's a powerful combo. For sports mascottes as said before, but also for shows that are on every single day. Talent that is available 7 days a week is hard to find, but puppeteers can take turns to do the live animation of a cartoon.

Our sincere thanks to MediaNet, FITWowzaAubrey at Live X and the nice people at Imagination In Motion for the interviews. We had a blast.

Hendrik Dacquin