Front-End Developer for Mobile


We're a people-focused Media Tech company: the women and men on our small team value working together to solve the challenges of building technology that is used by media companies and broadcasters at massive scale, thereby supporting an open culture of continuous feedback and learning.

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About the job

As Front-end Developer at Zender, you will have a big impact on our product. The SaaS platform we’re building is defining the next step in live experiences on mobile, and we’re looking for someone with a structural, steady and future proof view on development. What you build today, will be used in years to come. A love of solid coding and stable architecture combined with the ability to write tests will help you shine.

Working closely with the creative team and your colleagues in engineering, you will build and maintain high-quality experiences for our app & web products.

What will you do?

Develop client-side applications for the web and mobile web

Write modular, secure, and well-tested front-end code

Take full ownership of features and projects: architect, implement, and deploy

Provide continuous improvements to performance and stability

Participate in design and code reviews


Structural approach to coding for the future

Experience with front end technologies and/or front end frameworks (React, React Native)

Strong sense of web design and aware of the fundamentals of user experience

Familiarity with the whole web stack, including protocols and web server optimisation techniques

Why Zender?

Work on a media and entertainment product used at massive scale

Small team, big impact

High autonomy that comes with being with the first people on the team

Tech driven company, building robust applications

About Zender

Founded in 2016, Zender is focused on tackling one of the hardest challenges facing media companies today: relevance on mobile. We help marketing & innovation teams at television, newspaper and radio companies create innovative, new touchpoints for their -35 audiences.

Short, scheduled interactive experiences create a meaningful engagement with a brand on a specific moment of the day. Through these live presented moments, brands manage to reach the mobile generation where they spend time: on their smartphone.  

Founders Hendrik Dacquin & Patrick Debois have over 25 years of combined experience in interactive video and the underlying technological architecture, and are combining content creativity and tech stability to help companies stay relevant in an ever evolving media landscape.

Zender is based in Ghent, Belgium - a place known for its ecosystem of thriving startups, rebellious can-do mentality and a love for music and good food

Ready to change the face of live broadcasting on mobile? Send us an email to apply: